Advantages of wireless camera with auto dial call & alarm & Tracking System

Multifunctional devices are a rage in the market. One of the biggest examples is the success that Smartphone has achieved in recent times. It is because of its multi functional features that it has become an instant hit in the market and billions of people are using it today. The same can be said about the useful GPS technology. Although, GPS tracking devices do not sell as big as Smartphone do, still if they are made multi functional then that would certainly make people invest in them. A wireless camera with auto dial call & alarm & Tracking System would an ideal combination of various features which will encourage people to buy it.

A simple GPS Tracker does not have a camera and a GSM camera does not have a GPS Tracking System. A GPS Tracker would be able to locate the position of a person or an object and would also help to find out a way to the destination from an unknown route. On the other hand, A GSM camera would be able to capture the images and recording at the place from where it is installed and send that information to the owner automatically or on request. So, we can see that both these devices are performing an important function. But if we have a wireless camera with auto dial call & alarm & Tracking System, which basically means a combination of the features which GSM camera and a GPS Tracking System would give, then it will be a very useful device for the user.

With help of a wireless camera with auto dial call & alarm & Tracking System, the user will not only be able to track a person, but he will also be able to see him and communicate with him when required. The wireless feature of the device will enable the device to travel the distance and get around at just about any place in the world. The alarm will be a plus point as well. So overall, we will have a multi functional device which will be of great help in order to track just about anyone in the world. Due to such a variety of features that a wireless camera with auto dial call & alarm & Tracking System has to offer to the user, it is getting more and more popular with time. If you would like to inquire more about such devices, then you can contact us.


Information about GPS Tracking devices for kids in turkey

GPS technology has spread its wings all over the world. There is no place or country which has been left unconquered or untouched by GPS Systems. GPS devices are of great use and the world has accepted this fact and have started to endorse to it more and more. This is evident from looking at the ever increasing sales of GPS device every year. In this article we will provide some relevant information about GPS Tracking devices for kids in turkey.

As world Is moving ahead, security threats too are increasing with time. There is no part of the world which has been left secure. Even after having the best security arrangements, one can never ignore chances of a crisis or an unpleasant experience happening in the life. This fact is even more concerning to the parents who are always worried about the safety of their kids. IF you live in Turkey, then you are obviously aware about the increasing crime rate in the country. That will obviously make you feel concerned about your family’s safety/ The criminals often targets kids for ransom and no body will like that their kids come across such a situation in their life. However, life is uncertain and the chances of a mis fortunate event can’t be either determined or completely avoided. However, with technology, we can surely deal with a crisis in a a better way and GPS Tracker would definitely be able to help you in this matter.

There are lots of benefits that you would be able to avail once you get GPS Tracking devices for kids in turkey. As per a recent survey, Turkey is one of the most unsafe country for children. Lots of criminals deliberately plans child kidnapping for ransom in Turkey. Children are obviously soft targets for them and it is easy to kidnap them than adults. Therefore, they are always eying the chance when they can execute their act. However, with your child having a GPS Tracking devices, it won’t be possible for the criminals to execute their plans.

The SOS button on the GPS Tracker will send you an immediate alert that your child require your help urgently. With your kid having a GPS Tracker, you will be able to know where he is traveling and this will definitely help at the time of an emergency. In this way, you will not only be able to protect your child from an emergency, but will also help the cops to catch the antisocial elements.

How To Create A Geo-Fence With GT06N

GPS device market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Earlier, people prefer to use GPS tracking only from their Smartphone but as they came to know about the different advantages of using a unique and personal GPS device, their sales have increased tremendously in the last few years and is likely to go forward in the coming years a s well. As more and more people are getting interested in buying a personal GPS tracker, the manufacturers too are trying hard to introduce new models to lure the customers. This has resulted in variety of GPS devices being introduced in the market. If a person has to make a decision after viewing all these devices, he is definitely going to be consumed. Therefore, it si always better to shortlist some devices which stands apart from others. One such device is the GT06N Vehicle GPS Tracker. In this article, we will learn about one of the most interesting features which GT06N Vehicle GPS Tracker has to offer, which is none other than geo-fencing.

What is geo fence?

A geo fence is a virtual area which is defined for the purpose of security. For example, if you live in a residential area and the traffic area is around 1 KM away from your home, then the 1 KM area under it is safe for your kids as it does not have any traffic. Hence, this can be termed as geo fence for your kids. How this feature is useful can be explained as this:

Imagine that your kid has just started driving. He is not yet a pro, but he knows how to drive. You are obviously concerned about his wellness every time he takes the car away .You have instructed him not to go in the traffic area unless he learns to drive well. How then you can ensure that he is actually driving within the safe area? This can be done by installing GT06N Vehicle GPS Tracker in the car and setting its geo fence within 1 KM mark.

How to set up a geo fence suing GT06N Vehicle GPS Tracker?

It is quite simple to set a geo fence using GT06N Vehicle GPS Tracker. All that you need to do is to click on the geo fence option and you will get a map. You just need to define an area with help you your figures and the area covered by you will become a geo fence. Once you have the setting, as soon as anyone takes your car beyond that area, you will receive an alert in your mobile. Hence you will know that h geo fence has been passed.


How Car GPS Tracking Systems Work & Can Help Solve Crimes

Out of the different types of GPS devices present in the market, vehicle GPS trackers are the most popular with people. Under this category, car GPS system beats other vehicles GPS tracking system comfortably. Let us try to know more about how a car GPS tracking system  works with help of this article.

A Car GPS tracking system  is a very useful device for a driver as well as for the owner of the car, even if he is not driving it. As a driver, it is always good to have a Car GPS Tracking System installed in it as it is going to be of great help during the journey. A Car GPS Tracking System will guide you to the right pat and also help you to find out route in a completely unknown path. Apart from performing this function, the device will also works smartly and suggest you all the right route and short cuts to your way to the destination location. Not only that, it can also be tuned for the speed limit, which will keep a check on the speed and will alert you as soon as you pass the same. In this way, a Car GPS Tracking System will be able to make your journey pleasurable, hassle free, cost efficient and safe.

A car tracker works in a simple way. All you need to do is to instruct and feed it with the location and it will do the rest. How it does it in none of your business, just know that it uses satellite system to track location, which is going to be dead accurate and hence you will get the correct results.

As far as security is concerned, your car GPS tracker will also be able to ensure it. When you have a GPS device in your car, you can always know where your car it, whether or not you are in the car. This is a helpful feature at the time your vehicle goes missing. If someone dares to steal your car and has been able to successfully execute the crime, then you will still be able to track him using the GPS tracker installed in the car. The GPS system will tell you the exact location and of the car in real time and will also inform you as and when the car makes a movement. Thus it won’t take you long to know where the thief is heading towards and then it will not be difficult to catch him.


GPS Tracker to Protect Valuables

Life is getting more and more unsecure with time. Every day, we hear news about theft and stealing, which only adds to our worry and makes us feel insecure about our valuable. We are worried about their safety and are looking for a solution than can help us in dealing with such an unfortunate event. GPS tracker can help us in this matter efficiently. Let us try to learn how we can use a GPS tracking system in order to provide security to our valuables.

Valuables can be of different types, nature and size. Anything which has a high price on it is termed as valuable. So, it can be your diamond necklace and it can also be your car. Your locker too contains most of the valuable items in it. So, first of all you need to make a list of all the items which are valuable to you and you plan to protect them. Once you have completed the list, you can set up a system of GSM camera, GPS tracking system and GSM alarm to ensure that you are able to keep a watch on your valuables at all the time and keep yourself informed about them.

Next, set up the system of wireless GSM camera network around your house. It will help you to track and record all the activities around your home. A GSM alarm set up will also report you as soon as it detects any kind of security threat on or around you place. The camera will be able to capture the relevant images which can help you to identify the antisocial element who is trying to break in to your place.

Finally, you can install spy GPS tracking system in your car for protection. There are micro GPS trackers that can even be installed on small valuables like necklace. They have a video and audio set up as well, which can be used to see and receive the images and audio from the area around them. In this way, you will not only prepare yourself efficiently against any possible theft, but if it actually happens, you will be able to track the position of the thief and catch him within a short span of time.

In this way, by simply setting up an effective GPS/GSM network, you can not only ensure the safety of your valuables, but you can actually help the administration to catch the anti social elements as well!

The Benefits of GSM Wireless Alarms

GSM Wireless Home security systems are catching everyone’s attention these days. Due to the ever increasing levels of security threats, everyone wants to ensure that his home, office and all other places that are closely connected and related to him are safe at all the time. As you are always concerned about certain things in the life, you would definitely like to get notified about them as soon as there are any chances of their theft and GSM Wireless Home security systems will be able to do this task aptly for you.
Here are some of the important benefits of GSM Wireless Home security systems:
• Think about a situation when you are out for a holiday. Your home is locked for over a week. It is the best time for an antisocial element to plan a theft in your house. But this time you are smarter; as soon as the thief entered the house, you will be immediately notified about him and you will be able to inform the cops and your neighbours at the right time and take action against him at the right time.
• If your office requires a certain temperature to be maintained, for example, if your freezer needs to be on all the time in order to keep its stuff in good condition, then you obviously can’t risk the freezer or deep freeze unit to work out of function at any time. In case it stops function, then GSM alarm will detect the change in the temperature of the area and immediately report the matter to you, so that you can take immediate action to fix the problem.
• If you have GSM alarm set up in your car then there is no way that a thief can steal it in any way. As soon as he will enter the car, you will get an alarm about it. Next, you will be able to control your car activities with help of commands send from your phone. You can stop the fuel supply of the car and can even lock the doors of the car as well as its steering and transmission in case of an automatic car. In this way, you will be able to give the bitter medicine to the thief while sitting from a distance.

There are some of the benefits of GSM alarm system. Therefore it is strongly suggested to have such a system installed in your car as soon as you can!


How Does Wireless Security Camera System Work?

Life is fast and uncertain. In order to match up with its pace and to ensure your safety along with it, you need to be technically sound and use the latest technical gadgets which will be able to ensure your safety and security at all the time. Wireless Security Camera is one such system which will be able to keep a constant watch at all the important places of your interest and by using it you will be able to keep yourself updated on the latest developments that are taking place in and around your house, office, car, or any other place which you would like. In this article, we will discuss about how does a Wireless Security Camera works?
A Wireless Security Camera is easy to set up. All that you need to do is to charge it fully and switch it on. As soon as it is switched on, the router will automatically allot an IP address to that Wireless Security Camera. This IP address will be something like or something identical. Once you know the IP address, you simply need to connect to the Internet and type this address in your browser. You will then be connected to the Wireless Security Camera and you can receive the LIVE images from tha place where the camera is installed.
You will be able to control the camera from a distance as well. For instance if you would like to change the direction of the camera you can simply command and the Wireless Security Camera will rotate accordingly. In the same way, if you would like to save the disk space for recording, then you can set up the camera to ‘movements recording only’ mode. After that, the camera will only record the images which have movements. In this way you will not only save storage space but you won’t also have to burden yourself by viewing each and every second of the unwanted and purposeless recordings.

A Wireless Security Camera works just like a normal camera. Its wireless feature makes it more mobile and you can take it and set it up at just about any place. The concepts of recordings that are followed in a Wireless Security Camera is same to that of any other normal camera. The main difference is that with it, you will be able to access the place of your importance from a distance and it will also record all the events. This information can be useful at the time of future investigation.


Consider things before using a wireless security camera

There are lots of reasons for which you should get a Wireless security camera. First of all, you are well aware of the present situation, where security is one of the top most priorities in life. You require to keep vigilance at just about every place of your importance. The thing is that you can’t be present at all the place at all the time and therefore, you need to have a device which can act as your representative and also act as an watch dog while you are away from your place. A Wireless security camera will be able to serve this need best. However, there are a few things associated with a Wireless security camera, which will be useful for you before you start using it. This article will point them out and help you in suing it in the most effective way.
• A Wireless security camera can be installed at just about anywhere. It has an antenna and no wiring of any kind, which makes its installation possible at the place you like. So, you can install it on your entrance door or at your garage. You can even take it away with you and place it anywhere you want. You will just require to know how to access it and you can get it work at just about anywhere.
• Most of the Wireless security cameras are going to work through a WIFI system. However, they also have a LAN port which can be handy at time when WIFI is not available or week. You can use any mode to operate them.
• Wireless security cameras do not have a DBR. This is a big difference between a CCTV and a Wireless security camera. This also makes them more cost effective as compared to CCTV. The recordings can be done directly to the system.
• Wireless security cameras operate in the same way as a CCTV. You can login to the IP concerned and access the activities around the camera at just about any time and from anywhere where there is internet connection.
• A Wireless security camera will have free rotational movements. It can be moved left to right and top to bottom. These movements can be control by you with help of your phone. The Wireless security camera will follow your instructions and return the results accordingly.
You can use all the above information to make the best use of the Wireless security camera that you have bought. Al the best!

Ensure yours and your family safety installing security gadgets

Insecurity is quickly swapping the whole world. Everyone is concerned about security of himself and his family. Everyone tries to ensure that his close ones are always safe. Thankfully, technology is capable of dealing with such a situation. There are lots of useful gadgets, which can ensure safety of your near and dear ones. In this article we will have a look at some of the most important and useful gadgets that will help in ensuring the safety of your family members.
GPS Tracker – A GPS tracker is a very useful device which will ensure safety of your close ones. Be it your wife, kids or aged parents, GPS tracker will help you in keeping a track on their movements at all the time. You will be able to know when your close ones are at a give time and thus ensure their safely. A GPS tracking system also provides lots of useful features like GPS alarm, SOS button, GPS phoning, traffic indicator, speed alert etc. which can be used at the time of emergency with great results.
GSM Alarm System – Like GPS, GSM Alarm System is also useful to ensure the safety of your close ones as well as for keeping your home or office secure. A GSM Alarm System will keep a 24 x 7 watch on your surrounding and ensure that no anti social elements tries to enter or make a theft in your house, office or vehicle. GSM Alarm System is able to recognize temperature changes in the environment using its sensors and as soon as it detects a security lapse, it will make the alarm ring and also send alert to the numbers programmed in it. This will make the concerned people know that there is a possible unpleasant situation ahead, which require their urgent attention and thus, they will be able to cope up with the situation effectively.
• GSM Camera – A GSM camera is yet another effective way to ensure safety and security of your near and dear ones. Once you have it installed at the right places, you will be able get instant details about your family members at anytime. All these devices are simple to operate and can be controlled form just about anywhere with help of a cell phone. Thus, this mobility factor of accessing n them and their great features makes them favorite choice of everyone. They are highly recommended.



Know about GPS tracking system for vehicles

There are different types of GPS devices available in the market. Amongst them, GPS tracking system for vehicles are the most popular lot. GPS tracking system for vehicles can belong to different genres as well. You can have a GPS tracking system for bike, a different one for car and a different one for bus and truck. As the nature of each of these vehicles is different and so is their utilization, each of them needs to have a unique GPS tracker which serves their needs best.
For instance, if you would like to have a GPS tracker for the bike, its screen should be big so that you don’t have any problem while trying to view it during riding. Next, it should have Bluetooth so that you are able to operate it easily while riding the bike. In case you have a family and hardly take the car alone, you can even have a smaller GPS with no Bluetooth as the other person would be easily able to assist you in operating GPS. Although it is obviously going to be better if the GPS has a big screen and Bluetooth!
Bus and trucks serves a different purpose altogether. The drivers of bus or trucks are likely to drive for hours and on long routes. Therefore, they need to have a GPS which has a great battery life. They should also carry a back up battery in case of an emergency so that they can avail the GPS service at all the time without any interruption.
Having GPS tracking system for vehicles is going to be a great help for drivers as well as for fleet managers. Drivers will definitely avail direct advantages with a GPS on; he will know the right way and GPS will also suggest he best route available o him. In this way he will be able to save lots of time and fuel on this way. These benefits are obviously going to be passed to the fleet business as well. Managers will be able to track the movements of their vehicle which will help them in controlling the business better and running it more efficiently.
In this way we can see that GPS tracking system for vehicles is going to be of great help for every user. Therefore, it is better to install a GPS tracker in your vehicle and start availing its advantages as soon as possible! If you have any questions or sales inquiry, please feel free to contact us at anytime.